The Manguzi Boxer store has donated food parcels to the Tembe family who almost lost everything when their house caught fire last month. When store Branch Manager, Thulani Ndwandwe, heard about the incident, he decided to step in to assist the family with groceries. ‘We are grateful that no one was injured and the fire was contained before it destroyed the entire house, he said.

He added when the local councillor briefed him about the family’s situation, he decided to intervene with his team. ‘When I visited the family, I realised the family was in dire need of food. We were able to give them some support while they repaired their home. ‘Boxer is grateful for the support we receive from the communities we serve, so we decided to give back by lending a helping hand.’ Ndwandwe said.

The team from Boxer Superstores in Manguzi hand over groceries to the Tembe family.