The 20th edition of the Boxer Youth Leadership Programme recently took place at The Ventures Group's Seula Zimbili Resort in KwaZulu-Natal, with 50 young leaders from South Africa and eSwatini spending a week learning leadership skills, testing their mental and physical capabilities and forming lifelong friendships while experiencing a range of new and surprising firsts.

For some learners, the adventure began from the very first moment; First time flyers took to the sky as they headed to KZN to meet up with their peers and experience an ocean swim for the first time, abseiling, archery, obstacle courses, hikes, leadership workshops and personal leadership ‘round tables’ with Boxer Group Executive: Stakeholder Sustainability and Engagement Ntombi Dludla and Clover S.A. Proprietary Limited. “To spend time with these incredible young leaders and pass on important skills and knowledge to them is a special moment for Boxer and for the future of both SA and eSwatini. Boxer is proud to offer this Programme to our Youth, with the promise that lifelong friendships, leadership skills and unforgettable memories will be taken back with them to their homes, schools and communities. We cannot wait to host the 21st edition next year!” said Ntombi.

The 5 day programme concluded with the BYLP official Graduation Ceremony where each student received certification based on their efforts.

Watch the video and get a glimpse of the magic that went down at the 20th edition of this iconic Programme:

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